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10 Week Exercise Program for Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

A 10 week exercise program can help relieve pain and improve function in women with pregnancy related low back and pelvic pain. Low back and pelvic girdle pain occur in half to three-quarters of women during pregnancy. Simple tasks such as rolling over in bed can be excruciating. Often times activities which involve standing or shifting weight onto one leg, such as stairs or household chores, even walking, are painful.

As a physical therapist, my expertise is in analyzing movement patterns and creating a specific exercise program to help support the growing pregnant body. The best exercises are about quality over quantity, incorporating breath and pelvic and spine support with movement. A good program may first educate on activation of deep core stabilizers and progress over the weeks into functional movement patterns, such as squatting and lunging.

In addition to improving pain and function, exercise during pregnancy has many other benefits:

- Decreased risk of gestational diabetes

- Improved mental state

- Shorter, easier and less complicated labor

- Decreased risk of low back pain

- Benefits baby - higher Apgar scores

Set up an evaluation today to learn specific exercises and movements that can benefit you during your pregnancy journey.


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