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Areas of Expertise

Pelvic Pain

The prevalence of pelvic pain is estimated to be similar to that of asthma or low back pain and often occurs with other complicated conditions such as depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. It usually involves multiple systems, making it difficult to diagnose. A physical therapist specializing in pelvic health not only guides the client on ways to decrease pain and muscle guarding, but also is an expert at restoring pain free movement in a way that considers these other systems and their impact on function. 


Urinary and fecal incontinence can change someone's life so that it revolves around the location of the nearest restroom and in fact is one of the leading causes of nursing home admission in the elderly. The good news is that pelvic floor physical therapy can be a very effective treatment for restoring control over the muscles that maintain continence and help change faulty bladder, bowel and dietary habits.  

Peri and Postpartum

Dr. Jurewicz recently completed her advanced pregnancy wellness and postnatal wellness certification through Burrell Education. She is up to date on the latest evidence and treatment techniques for this clientele and can even provide nutrition tips as well as guidance for exercising throughout the trimesters and beyond.

My Approach

Dr. Jurewicz approaches each client with an open mind, knowing that they have their own unique story influencing their pain or dysfunction. After a thorough history, she provides a musculoskeletal examination of movement, body mechanics, breathing patterns and, in the case of telehealth visits and if pertinent to care, will help the patient learn how to coordinate muscles of the pelvic floor.


She believes that education is integral to care, empowering patients to not only improve their condition but also lead healthier lives. She educates clients on anatomy and physiology, self care techniques, the science of pain, how to move more efficiently and how to return to those activities which make life wonderful!

My Approach
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