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Jennifer Brooke Jurewicz PT, DPT, PRPC

Dr. Jennifer Brooke Jurewicz is a physical therapist specializing in clients with pelvic health conditions. Her kind, compassionate demeanor, investigative nature and passion for educating and empowering her clients make her a practitioner of choice in the pelvic health community. 

She graduated from NYU in 2013 and obtained her pelvic health certification in 2019. Her passion for treating clients with pelvic conditions comes from her own struggles and family history of various women's health issues. She understands what her clients are going through and knows how to navigate these complex cases in a gentle and kind yet thorough and effective way. 

Areas of Expertise

Telehealth visits

Telehealth Services


IDr. Jurewicz provides hour long evaluations and 45 minute follow up virtual sessions to treat people of all genders and ages with pelvic health conditions, including but not limited to the following:

  • Vaginismus

  • Vestibulodynia

  • Chronic prostatitis

  • Urinary and fecal incontinence

  • Peri- and postpartum clients

  • Low back pain

  • SI joint dysfunction

  • Coccydynia

  • Pubicalgia

  • Endometriosis

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Post-surgical

    • C-section

    • Abdominal resection

    • Pelvic organ prolapse repair

    • Post-prostatectomy​

* Dr. Jurewicz is licensed to treat clients in the following states:

   California, Florida, Virginia


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